How to Choose the Best Kona Property Management Company

Renting out your home on the Big Island is a great way to generate some additional income or offset the costs associated with having a 2nd home. Whether you are looking to rent it out as a vacation rental or a for long-term rental, choosing the right and best Kona property management company to be your trusted boots on the ground is vital to the success of your real estate endeavor.


So now that we've established the importance of finding the right Kona property management company, it's important that you know that this will take some research and validation on your end. Here’s a breakdown of some of the key elements you should look for when searching for a property management partner for your vacation rental.


Make sure they have a good reputation

Before you can trust a company with your property, you need to assure that they have a good reputation and a history of happy customers. It is often harder to do due diligence on newer companies, as they won’t have much of a track record. The best Big Island Property Management companies in Hawaii are those that have been in business for many years and have a history success. Look online at some reviews and see what others are saying about each company.


See that they follow all safety precautions

Another aspect that is necessary to consider is that of safety. Since you are allowing a vacation property management company the control of your property, it’s essential that they take all safety precautions. Not only this, but you are trusting them with choosing and vetting tenants, as well as maintaining your property. You want a management company that values safety and ensures that all properties are maintained with 5-star, 24-hour care.


Make sure they know how to optimize for profit

Need it not be mentioned that if you are looking to rent your property through a Kona property management company, you are likely doing so with the goal of making a profit, or at least bringing in as much income as possible to offset some of those expenses. This is why it is important to trust your property to a company that has systems in place to assure high returns and the best possible overall experience for guests. What are they doing for marketing? Check out their online presence and social media channels to see if they are actively promoting the business. If they aren’t promoting themselves well, how can you trust that they will promote your property well?


You’ll want them to be sophisticated

This is something you may not think to consider when asking yourself where to find the best Big Island property management company, but sophistication represents a commitment to quality & satisfaction. Sophisticated property management companies leverage modern day technologies to ensure a seamless experience and that systems are in place to assure that if problems arise, they are handled efficiently and effectively. You’ll also want to make that your home is being represented in the best way--through interior design, professional photography, and online profiles. Make sure to dig into these topics when speaking with your property management candidates!


Ensure that they are offering experience packages

Just as your potential guests will want to feel connected to their experience, it is important that the vacation rental management company you choose is thinking ahead and doing even more to sell your home as the perfect vacation getaway. Find a Kona property management company that has a network of local partnerships, as well as excursion packages and activities to assure that guests have an authentic, memorable, and holistic experience they’ll never forget.

Boundless Hawaii is the top rated vacation rental property management company on Hawaii Island. With over 25+ years in the travel and tourism industry, the Boundless Hawaii team has the unique ability to act as the perfect intermediary between the owner of a home and a visitor desiring a relaxing and unencumbered experience in Hawaii. For more information on Boundless Hawaii’s property management services, please visit https://boundlesshawaii.com/property-management.

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