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As owners, we have traveled and lived all over the world: from Europe to Asia, the South Pacific, Africa, and the US. For over 25 years, we’ve been involved with the travel and tourism industry, and have partnered with top experts in corporate management and leadership. This unique combination of background and experience gives us the ability to act as the perfect intermediary between the owner of a home and a visitor looking for a relaxing and unencumbered experience in Hawaii. We love what we do, as it mostly involves giving people a wonderful vacation experience in paradise!

In the end, we are the on-island operations team with enterprise-grade property management systems in-place, coupled with all the personal touches of a boutique company. As owner operators, we know every property and every owner by name.

Our vacation rentals are unique in terms of location, amenities, configuration, and size. Contact us and we'll make sure you have the experience of a lifetime in Hawaii, one that is tailored to your specific needs.

With over twenty-five years of travel industry experience, you're in good hands!

AmandaManaging Partner & Principal Broker

Email: amanda@boundlesshawaii.com
Phone: 1-877-782-5662

Amanda, a Managing Partner and Real Estate Broker, is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Boundless Hawaii. She is a licensed Hawai'i Real Estate Broker, and has been around Hawaii for over 20 years. Prior to Boundless Hawaii, Amanda served as a managing partner of Eco-Adventures, a 5-star PADI dive operation. Thereafter, she managed operations for the Aggressor live aboard in Palau, South Pacific. Amanda is a certified PADI dive instructor, and loves to explore the oceans around the world. Amanda's long history in the tourist industry makes her exceptionally qualified as an executive in the company. Her passion for customer service, positive attitude, and attention to detail has made the company what it is today.


Email: mike@boundlesshawaii.com
Phone: 1-877-782-5662

Mike is responsible for all operational aspects of the company, and has extensive experience in running complex, multi-faceted, tourist operations. His focus on setting up solid maintenance and operational processes has served him well in building a robust foundation for Boundless Hawaii, and this allows the company to deliver exceptional levels of service to our guests and owners. Mike has been in and around the tourist industry for most of his professional life. He is a licensed USCG Captain, and a PADI dive instructor. Mike loves underwater photography and has taken some of the most amazing pictures in practically every ocean on this planet.


Email: ton@boundlesshawaii.com
Phone: 1-877-782-5662

Anton (or Ton) is a licensed Hawai'i Real Estate Sales Agent, and one of the primary investors in Boundless Hawaii. In 2014 he retired from Intel Corp where he served as vice president and general manager. After he left the corporate world he spent 4 years as a FINRA/SEC licensed investment banker focused on middle market technology M&A transactions. As a partner of Boundless Hawaii he is focused on corp dev, strategy, and the creation of a comprehensive guest journey. Anton loves cultures and travel. He has lived and worked in places such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany, and the Netherlands while he traveled all over the world for business and pleasure.

NickVice President of Sales

Email: nick@boundlesshawaii.com
Phone: 1-877-782-5662

Nick has lived in Hawaii for most of his life and loves to immerse himself in the culture of the islands. He is a licensed Hawai'i Real Estate Sales Agent and focused on giving guests an unforgettable experience on the Island of Hawaii. Nick is engaged in many aspects of the firm, from reservations to new property acquisitions. Anything to keep the company growing!

TomOperations Manager

Email: tom@boundlesshawaii.com
Phone: 1-877-782-5662

Tom is a Minnesota native who moved to the island five years ago. He has many years of experience in customer service and owned and operated a restaurant for eighteen years. Tom is the Operations Manager for Boundless Hawaii, and is responsible for keeping the properties we have under care in the best state possible so that our guests can have a seamless and enjoyable vacation. He is enjoying Hawaii life and all that it has to offer.

KawehelaniExec Admin / Guest Experience

Email: kawe@boundlesshawaii.com
Phone: 1-877-782-5662

Kawehelani (or Kawe) has over 15 years of customer service and hospitality industry experience. She works closely with our housekeepers while administratively supporting our office with a focus on guest experience. Kawe was born on the Island of Hawaii and her family has deep roots here in Hawaii. Kawe loves fishing and about everything the island has to offer!


Email: sheri@boundlesshawaii.com
Phone: 1-877-782-5662

Sheri is the bookkeeper at Boundless Hawaii. She has experience with numerous financial institutions over the last 20 years. Over the years, she has managed finances at banks, brokerage firms and real estate agencies. A Hawai'i Real Estate Sales Agent herself, she moved to Hawai'i to enjoy the slower Aloha lifestyle.

Enjoy the luxury of a million dollar property...

We love vacation rentals, and you know why? You get to stay in a million dollar property, call it "four seasons style vacationing", at a fraction of the cost. We are pretty sure you can get addicted to this style of vacationing and never look back.

Huge growth in vacation rentals...

Over the course of the last decade the popularity of vacation rentals has grown tremendously in Hawaii. Homes and condo's offer space and luxury that far outstrips any hotel accommodation, and overall cost is much lower as meals can be prepared at home and visitors are not always forced to go out for almost anything they need.

Vacation home renters are happy renters...

Over 88% of the vacation renters believe the overall experience is better than a hotel. Having access to a kitchen, a living room space to relax in, the convenience of entertaining friends, and a more authentic local experience are just some of the reasons that will get you hooked as well.
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